This software is laced with Tab and strip Management of medicine, Speed Billing with Doctor and Patient, Petty Sales Management with short key, Expiry Management, Dead Stock report, Fast Moving Items & Slow Moving Items Report, Re-Order with Best Supplier Management, Prescription Handling, Item Code, Item Name and Composition wise searching, Supplier wise order preparation, Supplier wise expiry stock listing for fast and accurate expiry management , Option for Expiry alerts, Automatic Medicine listing from history of regular customers, Item/category/customer/supplier/doctor wise analysis, User activity tracking, Margin Statements, Trial Balance, P & L and Balance sheet is also available. It’s an ideal product for Pharmacy Shops or outlets.

Advanced Features

  • Provides Real time solution in managing Head office and multiple branches
  • centralized management of Business.
  • seamless software functioning regardless of internet connection speed.
  • Software will automatically exchange data when internet is available.
  • Branch software will function even if the internet connection is down.
  • Head office can fix price settings of branches.
  • Hassle free business Management from anywhere in the world.
  • Monitor profit and loss of each branches separately.
  • Head office can have 100 branches if it is in multiple database.
  • Branch can create Customers masters if internet is available.
  • Head office can monitor the activities of branch.
  • Each Branch Server can handle up to 25 Client systems.
  • Head office can have 20 Branches in single Database.


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